Why is branding important?

Branding is what differentiates your company from its competitors. It’s not just your company’s name and logo; it’s the unique impression you leave on your customers. It’s about how they feel about you; it’s how your company looks; it’s the special way you deliver your service and products; it’s your attitude and the way you advertise yourself.

Branding is important because a consistent brand means you need to spend less money attracting new customers. It means that your customers keep returning; you’re able to charge a higher price for your services, and you get more word of mouth referral.

The best place to start is with a brand audit, which should be conducted to determine how your brand is perceived and to ensure that your branding is aligned with your company’s core values. To successfully conduct a brand audit, you will probably need an external consultant or the ability to look through a truly fresh set of eyes

If it is determined that your branding needs some TLC, MPC are happy to look after your rebrand management.

When looking at branding: