SEO Benchmarker Report

Tailored SEO Competitive Performance Analysis

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of continually improving the organic rankings of web pages within the index of Search Engines. With more than 10 million searches conducted every day in Australia (and Google enjoying around 95% market share) SEO, and in particular SEO for Google, is an important promotional tool in the marketing mix.

Any organisation not engaged in an ongoing, pro-active SEO initiative can be almost certain it is conceding valuable ground toits competition online.

The SEO Benchmarker provides tailored SEO competitive performance analysis reporting, specifically designed to gain and maintain a competitive advantage for our clients online. It shows how a website is performing against 4 named key competitors, and what can been done to increased that performance on a page by page basis.  The full report is just $495.

Order a complimentary report today, to get a taste of what the full report has to offer and see how you are performing against your key competitor.

The web pages analysed are scored across 8 key areas that SEO Benchmarker identifies as being of primary importance to SEO competitive performance (and particularly SEO for Google). The scores for each of the 8 key areas are added to calculate the total report scores out of a possible 300 points.

The report scores are based on arbitrary, non-biased criteria that has evolved from years of professional experience related to how search engines, like Google, actually see and index every web page within their catalogue. While the information in this complimentary report clearly highlights the areas that require attention in order to improve SEO competitive performance, the full SEO Benchmarker’s tailored performance analysis report goes much further and gives a full guide for dramatically improving your SEO competitive performance.