90 day business development plan

90 day business development plan – what is it?

Here at MPC, we understand that the key to the success of your organisation is constantly building your brand – the product, the packaging, the quality of customer service, attracting new customers; everything! Being so, we have devised a 90-day business development plan to support the growth of your business. We have created a New Business Toolbox, complete with a range of effective strategies, tools and tactics to build your business.

Our New Business Toolbox has been specifically designed to provide you with a clear direction to market and sell your product or service. We afford you with a process for business development and a series of promotional activities to help you optimise your sales over the long term and turn your investment in marketing into real sales.

The Toolbox has been designed to focus on the three business development categories; how to generate prospects, how to convert new prospects and how to secure additional revenue from existing customers.

Within the 90-day business development plan is a sales and marketing toolbox to help you to implement tactical marketing activities into your business. We help you to understand market niches, how to source potential customers and business partnerships, how to communicate the features and benefits of your product or service, how to achieve productive sales activity and the secrets to effective networking. Most importantly, we help you to convert leads into sales.

As a part of our New Business Toolbox, we supply you with:

  • Professional Introduction, Appointment and Conversion letter templates
  • Telephone scripts
  • Call schedules
  • Diary follow up plans
  • Sales funnel documentation
  • Appointment agenda templates


A marketing plan will generate leads. But we also believe that a solid business development plan will give businesses the tools and processes to ensure conversion.

Get in touch to let us help you to develop and grow your business in just 90 days.