What is Google+ and why is it a useful marketing tool for your company?

April 12, 2012

Marketing plus Google+

Google+. It appears that not much is known about this social media youngster! We here at MPC decided to investigate – so we set up our own Google+ page. It may seem foreign, it may seem scary, but we can happily report back it isn’t so. It’s a great tool for marketing! So what is Google+ all about?

To put it simply, Google+ is a combination of Twitter and Facebook… sort of. Like Facebook there is a profile where you put up pictures and post photos, updates and articles. And like Twitter you have a ‘stream’ where the posts made by the people you follow appear. Google+ exists as a platform for personal and public use – it is another tool that can be used by companies for marketing. It’s all sounding familiar so far. However there are two key differences to note:

    • “Circles”. You organise your Google+ friends into groups, or what Google has called “Circles”. When you make posts, you can direct them towards certain “Circles”. For example, a company would direct a post about their new in-store promotion to their “Circle” named ‘Clients’. It is targeted sharing – you can have several conversations going at once, delivering diverse content to current clients, potential clients and even suppliers.
    • “Hangouts”. This is a group chat feature. Users click “Start a hangout” and a message is sent out to your “Circles” that their friend is “hanging out”. Users quickly join in! In this case, the director of a company would send out a message on Google+ to say they were “hanging out” and customers could join in to chat. This is a great way to personally answer questions, to learn what the customer wants and is interested in!


It may be true that Google+ is yet another social media platform. Between Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, blogging and a website, you may be questioning the usefulness of adding another social media platform to your marketing strategy. But, consider what makes Google+ different to its counterparts, especially in terms of marketing.  You can target differing messages to specific people and you can directly video chat with clients, or even strategic partners located in different parts of the country, demonstrating just how client-orientated you and the company are. Both these differences can and will optimise the effectiveness of your company’s marketing reach. However, be sure to keep a clear social media marketing strategy in mind! Post information that your clients will find relevant and engaging – and do it regularly.

Give it a go – it can only boost your online presence (remember Google wants to get as much information about you and your company is it can and will reward you for using Google products!) Add us on Google+  ‘Marketplace Communications’, to see what we’ve created.