May 3, 2012

What is SoLoMo and why should you be using it?

If you break it down, SoLoMo stands for Social, Local and Mobile. It is the latest buzzword on the lips of marketers everywhere, and is a strategy that businesses need to know about.

SoLoMo is an extension of what we’ve been doing already – marketing and selling products through social platforms. However, this strategy also uses location, making it a hyper-relevant form of communication with both current and potential consumers.

Marketing now exists around mobility, and social networks such as Facebook and Twitter have all had a strong impact upon the way consumers purchase. Likes, reviews, check-ins and comments are now more meaningful to consumers than official information sources.  SoLoMo relies on word of mouth and social recommendation, both of which influence consumer’s buying behaviours.

A great example of SoLoMo in action is Groupon’s ‘Groupon Now’ app. The app is location aware, meaning that nearby, geo-targeted deals are delivered to a user’s mobile phone. A business’s product is literally in the pocket of a consumer. Now that’s SoLoMo!

Of course, as with all marketing strategies, there are dos and don’ts. These are our SoLoMo top 5 tips:

  1. DO ensure your content is easily “shareable”. You want consumers to be able to readily share links to your business and its products on their social media pages.
  2. DON’T rely solely on Apple users.  Androids are becoming just as popular, so ensure your technology can be used by all mobile and tablet users.
  3. DO let your customers provide feedback. Peer recommendation is most important to consumers’ buying decisions, so provide a way for your consumers to talk back – to you and other clients. This is what SoLoMo is about.
  4. DON’T bombard your users with messages. Consumers aren’t going to respond positively if they feel they are being invaded with messages at inopportune moments. No spamming people!
  5. DO deliver users simple and valuable messages. The screen is small and the interaction time is short, so you need to deliver something attention grabbing yet meaningful.


While SoLoMo may be the buzzword of the moment, businesses should look at sending out content through social, local and mobile platforms. However, as with any digital marketing strategy, the rule of thumb is quality, not quantity.

As we have seen, digital marketing through the use of social media and mobile platforms is here to stay. Its influence is so strong that marketers and business owners alike cannot afford to ignore digital marketing strategies; it’s an important part of the marketing mix. However, relevance is key. Quality content, placed in the right place and the right time always.