How to develop an effective logo

April 2, 2012

A logo is the core to your company’s branding activities.

Your logo is a graphical representation of your company or branded product, so it needs to be unique and memorable, while still staying true to your brand.

Interesting fact:  the use of logos can be traced back to the Renaissance period, when goldsmiths, masons and potters used pressings, marks and even thumbprints to identify their work. We’ve come a long way since then… or have we?

What makes a great logo? A logo is used to identify. It must be immediately recognizable, and must inspire trust and loyalty with the company.  It must set you apart from your competition.

A logo should be:

  • Simple in design and unique without being overdrawn. Simple!
  • Memorable. This is achieved by having a simple yet distinctive logo design. Make it easy for your customers to recognise and remember your brand.
  • Timeless. Will your logo be effective in 10, 15, 20 years time? It is all too easy to choose a trendy logo that is cutting edge and right on the money… for now. But what happens in 3 years time when everyone is using the same principles as you? What happens in 10 years time when your so-called cutting edge design looks dated and irrelevant? It’s better to stick with a design that is unique, classic and appropriate, rather than jumping on the latest logo bandwagon.
  • Versatile. Can your logo be used across a variety of mediums? Can it be resized? Work in both horizontal and vertical formats? No? Well it’s time to look at how this can be achieved. First point of advice, design your logo in vector format and make sure you have a graphic designer who understands the printing process.
  • Appropriate for your business and industry.  It is important to make your logo appropriate to your industry as it can act as the reputation that precedes you in the marketplace. If you have a daggy logo, your company can be perceived as daggy (not great!).


Your company or brand needs to have a strategy to determine how you wish to be positioned in the market; your logo is an important element of this brand strategy. It is what makes your company’s image unique, so getting the logo right is very important!  It all comes down to having a great concept and being able to provide great execution. If you can’t or don’t want to design your own logo, hire a graphic designer who understands your brand, how you would like to be positioned and what you want to achieve. Get it right the first time!

Remember that you want to be remembered… but for the right reasons, not for your poor choice in logo design!