Clever campaigning – social media marketing

April 20, 2012

How The Hunger Games played the social media marketing game

It is highly unlikely you did not hear about the blockbuster movie The Hunger Games. Without knowing what it was about, you knew you had to see it right? People were talking about it, all over Facebook and Twitter it seemed. Now stop and ponder this for a second. How did it happen that everybody was compelled to talk about The Hunger Games before they even knew the plot? Some very clever social media marketing is the answer!

The following are social media marketing strategies used by Danielle DePalma (the brains behind the social media strategy) in The Hunger Games campaign, and all are strategies that can be used in your company’s social media marketing plan.

  • Use each of your social media platforms for its unique qualities. Each platform is different (Facebook for branding, Twitter for hashtags, Google+ for circles and hangouts). Tap into each of these unique qualities; post product pictures on Facebook, create a hashtag for your company on Twitter and “Start a hangout” with your clients on Google+.
  • Tease your followers. You want to keep your audience coming back for more! Don’t give away all of the information about your new product or promotion at once. Release information slowly and you will spark customers’ interest over a period of time.
  • Be flexible. Social media is all about conversation, between you and your customers. You need to listen and respond to what they’re saying and allow for changes in your social media marketing strategy along the way. Constantly reassess your strategy to meet your customers’ needs and interests – make their interaction with your company an enjoyable one!
  • You’re in for the long haul. Your social media marketing strategy needs to continue to communicate with and engage your customers. Come up with new promotions, post new pictures and interesting stories you’ve seen. You’ve come this far…

We know it can be easy to forget the necessity of keeping up with your social media marketing strategy. Don’t just open a Twitter account, post a couple of Tweets and think you’re done with it. No way! As we’ve seen with The Hunger Games’ social media strategy, these digital platforms hold so much potential for building your client base. Social media is here to stay – embrace it and use it to your advantage.